Building surveys

Properties in the Algarve, whether old or new, often have serious problems with moisture control, missing or inadequate insulation and inadequate, or non existing, Damp proof barriers. These issues often result in serious damp and mold issues. Also many properties suffer from foundation subsidence which causes cracking in facades, room plaster and Walls. As there are always owners who try to conceal such problems in the short term by taking deceptive measures before selling their property, even building professionals often find it difficult to detect defects that are rare or simply not found at all in Germany. Consequently, the non-professional has even less chance of recognising such facts. Usually, other things are in the foreground on the first inspection anyway, such as the location of the house, room layout, garden etc. – and the view on important technical details is often clouded by the excitement of purchasing a new property.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the main focus of the trusted estate agent and his advisors – such as architects, experts, etc. – is the sale and known or unknown defects are not addressed at all by this side during the sales negotiations. It can quickly happen that the dream property in dreamland turns into a penny-pincher’s grave and nightmare. Especially in the Algarve, there are deficiencies that can only be removed a very high financial cost. Some deficiencies can only be alleviated, as a complete removal and would be equivalent to a new building in terms of costs.

With my experience in the Portuguese construction sector since 1995, I can help you to make an independent assessment of the building quality of the property you are considering, so that you don’t have a rude awakening after the purchase. It is not the determination of the current market value of the property in question, but I only assess the structural condition of the property. The inspection can – as already mentioned above – take place together with you and the owner or an estate agent or even during your absence. After the inspection, I will record any discovered defects in writing for you and will also give my assessment of the additional costs that might arise from a renovation. Pictures of the property will also be taken and I will send you everything by email or post.