Working with high pressure cleaner

Especially open-pored surfaces, such as roof tiles or Santa Catarina floor tiles, for example, tend to become more or less heavily soiled over time. Roof or floor coverings that never get enough sunlight and mostly lie in the shade never dry out properly and are therefore ideal for the growth of algae and lichens etc.

If you clean these surfaces before the discolouration goes deep, you will enjoy it for a long time and after cleaning it is recommended to make the surfaces hydrophobic. This prevents the fast new formation of algae and co. And makes the surfaces water-repellent at the same time.

    Facades, whether painted or clad with other facing layers, should also be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner at intervals of 1 to 3 years, depending on their location, in order to extend renovation intervals and maintain a clean appearance.

    Houses that are located in the direct vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean or on dusty paths, for example, unfortunately get dirty quite quickly due to dust, bird droppings or salts, and cleaning makes them much more attractive for longer.

    Examples for working with high pressure cleaners