Since 1984 professional experience in Germany, Spain and Portugal, our German, English and Portuguese speaking team offers the best quality conditions for renovation, repainting and much more.

Our services

Facade renovation

  • Permanent crack removal
  • Facade impregnation
  • Removal of fungal and algae infestation
  • Colour change

Professional damp protection

  • Reduction of heating costs
  • Building conservation
  • Permanently dry walls
  • Proven injection methods
  • No excavation

Mould problems

  • Reduces mould growth
  • Sustainable results
  • Regulates humidity
  • Ecologically harmless
  • Fully automatic ventilation
  • Optimizes the indoor climate

General painting work

  • Interior- exterior paintings
  • Painting & lacquer work
  • Wood preservation work
  • High quality products
  • Long durability

Working with high pressure cleaner

  • Roof surface cleaning with hydrophobic treatment
  • Pavement cleaning
  • Terrace cleaning
  • Facade cleaning

Small reconstruction works

  • Bricklaying
  • Tiling work
  • Plasterwork
  • any kind of handicraft work

Building survey

Before buying a property, we discover the weak points for you and determine the possible repair costs.

Why us?

Over 35 years of experience

Benefit from over 35 years of professional experience.

Certified professional staff

German, English, Portuguese-speaking qualified personnel.

Competitive pricing

All work with fixed price and up to 5 years warranty.

We have the capabilities

Through the exact diagnosis and analysis of the problems we are able to ensure good indoor climate, living comfort and increase in value of your property. Furthermore, we extend the renovation intervals.

High quality products

In facade renovation we work with the most renowned European manufacturers of surface coatings for southern climates.

In the field of building sealing we are the general importer and contractual partner of BKM Mannesmann AG for Portugal.

Convincing support

Through long-standing partnerships with other specialist companies of all kinds that have been present on the Portuguese market for a long time, we are able to provide support in the resolution of virtually all their problems.

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